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A variation of the dual hyperoval \({\mathcal {S}}_c\) using presemifields

  • Hiroaki TaniguchiEmail author
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  1. Special Issue: Finite Geometries


In Discret Math 337:65–75, 2014, we construct a bilinear dual hyperoval called \({\mathcal {S}}_c(l,GF(2^r))\), or simply \({\mathcal {S}}_c\), for \(rl\ge 4\) and \(c\in GF(2^r)\) with \(Tr(c)=1\). In this note, we modify the bilinear mapping of \({\mathcal {S}}_c\) for \(l \ge 2\) using multiplications of presemifields, and have a dual hyperoval \({\mathcal {S}}_{c}^{'}\) from this bilinear mapping. We also investigate on the isomorphism problems of these dual hyperovals under the conditions that \(c\ne 1\) and the presemifields are not isotopic to commutative presemifields (see Theorem 2 for precise statement), and see that, under these conditions, \({\mathcal {S}}_{c}^{'}\) is not isomorphic to the dual hyperovals in Taniguchi (Discret Math 337:65–75, 2014).


Dual hyperoval Presemifield Bilinear dual hyperoval 

Mathematics Subject Classification

05B25 51A45 51E20 51E21 



This work was supported by JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number 26400029.


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  1. 1.National Institute of Technology, Kagawa CollegeTakamatsuJapan

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