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Two notions of differential equivalence on Sboxes

  • Christina BouraEmail author
  • Anne Canteaut
  • Jérémy Jean
  • Valentin Suder
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  1. Special Issue: Coding and Cryptography


In this work, we discuss two notions of differential equivalence on Sboxes. First, we introduce the notion of DDT-equivalence which applies to vectorial Boolean functions that share the same difference distribution table (DDT). Next, we compare this notion to what we call the \(\gamma \)-equivalence, applying to vectorial Boolean functions whose DDTs have the same support. We discuss the relation between these two equivalence notions, demonstrate that the number of DDT- or \(\gamma \)-equivalent functions is invariant under EA- and CCZ-equivalence and provide an algorithm for computing the DDT-equivalence and the \(\gamma \)-equivalence classes of a given function. We study the sizes of these classes for some families of Sboxes. Finally, we prove a result that shows that the rows of the DDT of an APN permutation are pairwise distinct.


Boolean function Sbox APN Difference distribution table Equivalence 

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The authors wish to thank Jean-Pierre Flori, Itai Dinur and Orr Dunkelman for helpful discussions.


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  3. 3.ANSSIParisFrance

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