Colonic Perforation as Initial Presentation of Amyloid Disease: Case Report and Literature Review

  • A. Ussia
  • S. Vaccari
  • A. LauroEmail author
  • A. Caira
  • M. L. Tardio
  • O. Leone
  • I. R. Marino
  • V. D’Andrea
  • M. Cervellera
  • V. Tonini



Amyloidosis is an uncommon disease caused by the deposition of amyloid fibrils in tissues. This disease does not usually require surgical intervention, which could be warranted in the presence of complications such as bleeding, obstruction, or perforation. We present a case of primary amyloidosis of the colon in a patient affected by polymyositis who underwent Hartmann’s procedure after a spontaneous colonic perforation. After 2 months of well-being, the patient underwent two consecutive surgical procedures for stenosis of the ostomy orifice.

Areas Covered

A review of the literature has been performed, gathering case reports highlighting the distribution of this disease by age, gender, location, and treatment when available.

Expert Commentary

Gastrointestinal amyloid disease is a rare condition, and it could be considered among the rare causes of intestinal perforation. Timely surgical management is often necessary.


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