Volume-Based Measurement Testing for Patients with Increased Rectal Volumes

  • Levent FilikEmail author

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In the innovative study by Verkuijl, the authors addressed the question as to whether altered volume thresholds in actuality translate to altered sensitivity [1]. They state that the larger rectal capacity leads to a larger balloon volume required to achieve a sensitivity threshold without a pressure sensitivity alteration that shows constant sensation was different in the similar rectal pressure. It is speculative to reach this conclusion without normative data from their laboratory. The sensory thresholds change among laboratories and are dependent on the features of the balloon. Accordingly, we all know that the interpretation of the rectal sensory data must be evaluated along with the rectal compliance data [2]. Rectal hyposensivity is defined as diminished perception of rectal distention for at least two modalities such as urge sensation and maximal tolerable volume. Otherwise, we cannot eliminate the confounding factors such as diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome or...



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