Anthony Lloyd: The Harms of Work: An Ultra-realist Account of the Service Economy

Bristol University Press, Bristol, 2018, 200 pp, ISBN: 978-1529204018
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Even if they say that they don’t want a credit card, just give them the form to sign anyway, don’t tell them what it is for. Cuz if we get 25 of them to sign up for a credit card we get our bonus.

During a relatively brief stint as an agency worker during my undergraduate studies, two employees of a street bank spoke these words and they stand out most clearly in my memory from the experience. I had been hired as additional labor at a university welcome event for new undergraduate students and my role, like the other three agency staffs present, was to promote student bank accounts to recently arrived undergraduates alongside the bank’s two employees. As a large contingent of students waited outside the doors of the hall where the event was taking place, the two employees of the bank briefed us, quietly uttering the words above. I remember feeling intensely uncomfortable about the prospect of engaging in what was a clearly deceitful practice to encourage young people to acquire a...



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