Book Review: The Financialisation of the Citizen – Social and Financial Inclusion Through European Private Law, by Guido Comparato

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Book Review

With many books published since the financial crisis on political and legal matters and financial markets, it is hard to imagine that yet another book is needed on the topic. However, Guido Comparato’s newest book, The Financialisation of the Citizen – Social and Financial Inclusion through European Private Law, takes on a refreshing, different perspective: the one of the European citizen who is politically and legally pushed towards participation in financial markets. After previous publications on Nationalism and Private Law in Europe(also Hart Publishing) and numerous articles on over-indebtedness, public policy through private law, and the rationales of financial inclusion, this book is a logical next step for Comparato. Now, he examines the ideas of financial and social inclusion in more detail, including the legal framework concerning access to a bank account, access to credit, over-indebtedness and financial education. As the title promises, the main attention lies on private...


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