Fortifying the fragile order of democracy

Hans Gersbach: Redesigning democracy. More ideas for better rules, Springer, 2017, xii + 248 pp
  • Stefan KolevEmail author
Book Review

This is a very timely book. Democracy is under attack at multiple fronts and by very diverse enemies. Young citizens in increasingly authoritarian regimes like Russia, Turkey, or Hong Kong are willing to endure existential threats while defending an order that is fading away. In contrast, attitudes to democracy ranging from complacency to outright disdain and denial have become increasingly common in Western societies. In the recent Neue Länder state elections the turnout rose significantly, but Allensbach surveys pointed to a worrisome finding: Only 42% of the citizens in the Neue Länder explicitly endorse democracy as the best form of governance (Köcher 2019). This skepticism vis-à-vis democracy spreads well beyond far-left or far-right authoritarians and is also relevant for liberals, historically and currently. The potential tensions between liberalism and democracy have been the object of long-standing politico-philosophical debates. But far from being of philosophical interest...



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