Chemcial Constituents of the Fungus Biscogniauxia cylindrospora

  • Ming-Der Wu
  • Ming-Jen ChengEmail author
  • Rong-Jyh Lin
  • Hing-Yuen Chan
  • Sung-Yuan Hsieh
  • Hsun-Shuo Chang
  • Chien-Liang Lin
  • Jih-Jung Chen

Endophytic fungi are eukaryotic organisms that live in the internal tissues of living plants [1]. They are relatively unstudied potential sources of novel and biologically active natural products [2, 3]. They have proved to be rich sources of bioactive secondary metabolites, and numerous compounds with potent biological activities and unique chemical structures have been isolated from them [4, 5, 6, 7, 8]. Endophytic Biscogniauxia strains have gained attention in most cases involving constituents research, which has led to the discovery of various bioactive secondary metabolites. In the course of our studies on secondary metabolites of endophytic fungi from medicinal plants, one new dihydroisocoumarin as well as nine known compounds were isolated from the n-BuOH-soluble endophytic fungus Biscogniauxia cylindrospora [9]. In continuation of a program toward studies in chemotaxonomy from Formosan endophytic fungus, an EtOAc extract of this fungus was subjected to solvent partitioning and...



The author Rong-Jyh Lin contributed equally to this work and should both be regarded as first author of this publication. This investigation was supported by a grant from the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Republic of China. The authors also thank Senior Technician Mrs. Chyi-Jia Wang of the Center for Resources, Research and Development (CRRD) of Kaohsiung Medical University for measuring the 2D NMR data.


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  • Ming-Jen Cheng
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  • Rong-Jyh Lin
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  • Hing-Yuen Chan
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  • Sung-Yuan Hsieh
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  • Hsun-Shuo Chang
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  • Chien-Liang Lin
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  • Jih-Jung Chen
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