Chemistry of Natural Compounds

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6″-Galloylpicein and other phenolic compounds from Arctostaphylos uva-ursi

  • D. N. OlennikovEmail author
  • G. V. Chekhirova

Phenolic compounds from leafy shoots of A. uva-ursi (Ericaceae) were studied. The new phenolic glycoside 6″-galloylpicein and 40 known compounds were isolated. Roots of A. uva-ursi afforded 16 compounds. A C-glycoside of bergenin was found for the first time in the family Ericaceae. The dominant components of A. uva-ursi leaves according to HPLC were arbutin, (+)-catechin, and corilagin; of stems, picein and (+)-gallocatechingallate; of roots, (–)-epicatechin, (–)-epicatechingallate, and (+)-catechin.


Arctostaphylos uva-ursi Ericaceae 6″-galloylpicein phenolic glycosides catechins tannins HPLC 



The work was supported financially by the SB RAS Project “Centers of New Medical Technologies.”


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