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Joss Moorkens, Sheila Castilho, Federico Gaspari, Stephen Doherty (eds): Translation quality assessment: from principles to practice

Machine Translation: Technologies and Applications, Volume 1, Springer International Publishing, Heidelberg & Berlin, xii + 287 pp, ISBN 978-3-319-91240-0 (hardcover), 978-3-030-08206-2 (paperback), 978-3-319-91241-7 (eBook)
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Book review

The editors of Translation Quality Assessment: from principles to practice barely require any introduction as all are widely published eminent scholars on the issue of Translation Quality Assessment (TQA). Joss Moorkens, Sheila Castilho, Federico Gaspari and Stephen Doherty have overseen the production of a broad and far-reaching book that includes TQA research from academic, institutional and industry settings, covering a combination of human and machine translation evaluation to provide a coherent overview of a fast-developing research area.

They have focussed on measuring the quality of the product of translation, showing the convergence of post hoc TQA methods as a pathway to meaningful evaluation techniques for the burgeoning amount of digital content in need of translation in the future, in an effort to help us achieve some form of standardised approach to TQA dependent on domain, text type, workflow and end-user. Their underlying premise is that these evaluation techniques are...



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