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Dynamic data driven big data cooperative control scheme with virtual visualization for mobile multimedia communication

  • Xiang-dong YinEmail author


In order to improve the quality of user experience of the wireless mobile multimedia communication and the mobile multimedia communication control efficiency, based on the little data and big data visualization, this paper proposed a mobile multimedia cooperative control algorithm. Firstly, the scale and content of the data generated by the wireless intelligent mobile terminal were considered in heterogeneous network environment. The paper established the consistency guarantee scheme of multimedia data. The control scheme of bandwidth allocation, small data distortion and channel state scheduling are presented. Then, based on the multimedia data frame sequence description of the entity mobile multimedia, according to user needs and three-dimensional space to reorganize the multimedia data. This kind of multimedia data can be used to control the quality of the user by multi dimension cross control of the multimedia stream and the entity captured by the intelligent mobile terminal. NS simulation results from the media playback quality, the quality of user experience and communication control efficiency compared with the proposed control algorithm with the adaptive cooperative FEC based on combination of network coding and channel Coding. The results show that the proposed control algorithm has high real-time performance, high efficiency, high reliability and high user satisfaction.


Multimedia little data Big data transmission Virtual visualization Cooperative control Mobile multimedia communication 



This work was supported by The Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Key Development Project 2017NK2390 and key discipline for computer application and technology of Hunan University of Science and Engineering (128030219-001).


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  1. 1.School of Electronics and Information EngineeringHunan University of Science and EngineeringYongzhouChina

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