Evaluating Docker storage performance: from workloads to graph drivers

  • Vasily TarasovEmail author
  • Lukas Rupprecht
  • Dimitris Skourtis
  • Wenji Li
  • Raju Rangaswami
  • Ming Zhao


Containers are a widely successful technology today popularized by Docker. They improve system utilization by increasing workload density and enable seamless deployment of workloads across development, test, and production environments. Docker’s unique approach to data management, which involves frequent snapshot creation and removal, presents a new set of exciting challenges for storage systems. At the same time, storage management for Docker containers has remained largely unexplored with a dizzying array of solution choices and configuration options. In this paper we unravel the multi-faceted nature of Docker storage and demonstrate its impact on system and workload performance. As we uncover new properties of the popular Docker storage drivers, this is a sobering reminder that widespread use of new technologies can often precede their careful evaluation.


Containers Docker Storage Performance 



This manuscript is an extended version of the paper titled “In Search of the Ideal Storage Configuration for Docker Containers” published in Proceedings of the Workshop on Autonomic Management of Large Scale Container-based Systems (AMLCS) in 2017. We thank the co-authors of the workshop paper Amit Warke, Dean Hildebrand, Mohamed Mohamed, and Nagapramod Mandagere for the contributions to the project. We also thank the AMLCS reviewers for their valuable comments. This work was supported in part by the NSF via Grants CNS-1563883, CNS-1320426, CNS-1562837, and CNS-1619653.


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