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FCR-NS: a novel caching and forwarding strategy for Named Data Networking based on Software Defined Networking

  • Anwar KalghoumEmail author
  • Leila Azouz Saidane


Named Data Networking (NDN) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) are two new and highly innovative paradigms. In fact, they are used to solve the problems of current Internet architecture. As the NDN architecture is currently under development, it needs a robust routing protocol, an effective cache replacement strategy and a fast forwarding process to be improved. In this paper, we propose novel forwarding, caching and routing approaches for NDN based on SDN (FCR-NS). In fact, we introduce a new NDN architecture, based on the SDN paradigm and on a routing protocol totally managed by SDN controller. In our solution, we use the new cache replacement policy, which calculates the popularity of local data in the switches, and the bloom filter structure, in order to make the forwarding strategy very fast. Our architecture is completely free from the current Internet architecture and uses only NDN messages. Thereby, it offers a complete separation between the control and data planes as it is based on the SDN network. The experiments, that were carried out with the ndnSIM simulator, have clearly shown the efficiency of our solution, which allows accelerating the actual deployment of the NDN architecture in a real Internet network.


Software Defined Networking Information Centric Networking Named Data Networking Caching Forwarding Routing 


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