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Firefly load balancing based energy optimized routing for multimedia data delivery in wireless mesh network

  • G. P. RajaEmail author
  • S. Mangai


The traffic in wireless mesh network (WMN) is unbalanced. Therefore, few nodes take more data than the other which causes congestion and packet loss and also affects the transmission performance. Thus, there is a need for load balancing technique to improve routing performance. Few research works have been developed for balancing the load of node in WMN. However, conventional technique does not provide an optimal solution for achieving high throughput and reducing the energy consumption (EC). In order to overcome such limitation, firefly load balancing based energy optimized routing (FLB-EOR) technique is proposed. The FLB-EOR technique is designed for load balancing while delivering multimedia data from the source node to destination with minimum EC in WMNs. The FLB-EOR technique initially used FLB algorithm in order to control the multimedia data congestion over a WMN by considering the load of mesh node. With aid of FLB algorithm, FLB-EOR technique discovers the minimal load weightage nodes in network for transmitting multimedia data which resulting in improved throughput and load balancing efficiency (LBE). After finding the minimal weightage nodes, gravitational neighbour-node selection algorithm is used to find the nearest neighbor for sending the multimedia data from source to destination. In gravitational neighbour-node selection algorithm, distance between the nodes is calculated for finding optimal nearest neighbour node to route multimedia data to destination. This helps to reduce the EC and to increase the network lifetime. The FLB-EOR technique conducts simulation works on factors such as throughput, LBE, EC, network lifetime and end to end delay. The simulation results illustrate that the FLB-EOR technique is able to increases the LBE and also reduces the EC of multimedia data delivery when compared to state-of-the-art works.


Congestion Energy Firefly load balancing algorithm Gravitational neighbour-node selection algorithm Load balancing Load weightage Multimedia data 


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  1. 1.Department of Information TechnologySengunthar College of EngineeringTiruchengodeIndia
  2. 2.Department of Biomedical EngineeringVelalar College of Engineering and TechnologyErodeIndia

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