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Frontiers of cancer imaging and guided therapy using ultrasound, light, and microwaves

  • Russell S. WitteEmail author
  • Chandra Karunakaran
  • Andres N. Zuniga
  • Hannah Schmitz
  • Hina Arif


This review describes emerging techniques within the last 5 years that employ ultrasound for detecting and staging malignancy, tracking metastasis, and guiding treatment. Ultrasound elastography quantifies soft tissue elastic properties that change as a tumor grows and proliferates. Hybrid imaging modalities that combine ultrasound with light or microwave energy provide novel contrast for mapping blood oxygen saturation, transport of particles through lymphatic vessels and nodes, and real-time feedback for guiding needle biopsies. Combining these methods with smart nanoparticles and contrast agents further promotes new paradigms for cancer imaging and therapy.


Photoacoustic imaging Thermoacoustic imaging Ultrasound Elastography Shear wave imaging Image-guided therapy Personalized medicine 


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