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Fabrication of natural cellulose films with pattern by viscosity regulation of its solution

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The structure and properties of polymer film are greatly affected by the patterns on its surface arising from solution convection. Therefore, it is necessary to explore more detail mechanism of pattern formation. Herein, we have successfully designed variable patterns on the surface of cellulose films via roller coating method. The cellulose with three degrees of polymerization was used as raw material, and a solution of N,N-dimethyl-acetamide/lithium chloride (DMAc-LiCl) was selected as the solvent system. The pattern variations were controlled by the solution viscosity, which was affected by the degree of polymerization of cellulose, concentration and temperature of solution. The formation process of the pattern on cellulose film was in situ tracked by video recording with the help of carbon black tracker. It was found that the solution moved from the edge of the cell pattern to the center at a relatively lower viscosity (η < 8.06 Pa s), and finally formed a polygon pattern with the convex center. With the increasing of the solution viscosity (η ≥ 8.06 Pa s), the direction of its convection was completely opposite and a circular or circular-like combination pattern with concave center appeared on the surface of the cellulose film. The higher the viscosity, the larger the concave area. Moreover, the film with polygon pattern demonstrated excellent mechanical properties, and also exhibited a potential anti-counterfeiting value. These results could provide guidance in perfecting the theory of polymer fluid, and regulating the structure and properties of polymer products.

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The authors are grateful for the support by Excellent Youth Foundation of Hu’nan Educational Committee, China, for financial support (18B025), Natural Science Foundation of Hu’nan Province of China (2018JJ2260), and Opening Fund of Key laboratory of Chemical Biology and traditional Chinese Medicine Research, Hu’nan Normal University (KLCBTCM R201811).

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Correspondence to Xiaomin Zhang or Ningya Yu.

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