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Correction to: Isolation of xylans from bleached Eucalyptus kraft pulp by antisolvents precipitation

  • Ana Isabel MarquesEmail author
  • Maria de Lurdes Serrano
  • Ana Maria Brites Alves
  • António P. Mendes de Sousa

Correction to: Cellulose

Unfortunately, the word “FTIR” has been mistakenly included in the Acknowledgments, which needs to be removed.

The correct Acknowledgments is provided in this correction.

Acknowledgments The authors wish to thank Prof. Ana Paula Dias (IST) for her help in thermogravimetric analysis, RAIZ for the collaboration in HPAEC analysis and pentosan determination and Prof. Dmitry Evtuguin and Dr. Ana Reis from Aveiro University for the collaboration in GPC analysis.


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  1. 1.CERENA, Chemical Engineering DepartmentInstituto Superior TécnicoLisbonPortugal
  2. 2.CeFEMA, Chemical Engineering DepartmentInstituto Superior TécnicoLisbonPortugal
  3. 3.RAIZ, Instituto de Investigação da Floresta e PapelEixoPortugal

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