Javier Roa: Regularization in orbital dynamics: Theory and practice

De Gruyter Studies in Mathematical Physics, Berlin/Boston, 2017, vol. 42
  • Ugo LocatelliEmail author
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This book depicts the state of the art of the regularisation theory in applications to Celestial Mechanics and Astrodynamics. The theoretical aspects are explained with an appreciable width of breadth. At the same time, the emphasis is constantly directed towards the practical use of this theory. For instance, the core of the regularisation techniques (that are largely based on a rescaling of the time variable) is described in a Russian doll style, at several levels of increasing elaboration. At each step, the impact of the new refinements is shown with examples of high-performance numerical propagation of orbits (mainly, of spacecraft). While reading the book, I had, on several occasions, a feeling that its style is not introductory enough to be a basic text for a university course. The book looks more as a precious resource for researchers working in the field of Celestial Mechanics and Astrodynamics.

The book is extremely well organised. It opens with a nice foreword by Michael...


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