Influence of MnO2 Morphology on the Catalytic Performance of Ag/MnO2 for the HCHO Oxidation

  • Suhong LuEmail author
  • Qinyu Zhu
  • Yaxin Dong
  • Yiming Zheng
  • Xue Wang
  • Kelun Li
  • Fenglin Huang
  • Bo Peng
  • Yuliang Chen


A series of Ag/MnO2 catalysts employing MnO2 nanorods (MnO2-r) and nanoparticles (MnO2-n) as the supports were prepared by conventional incipient wetness impregnation. Their structures had been characterized by BET, SEM, TEM, XRD, H2-TPR, O2-TPD and XPS. The catalytic activities in HCHO oxidation had also been investigated. The results showed that MnO2-r and MnO2-n exhibited different reducibility and surface active oxygen. Ag/MnO2-r performed better reducibility and more surface active oxygen than that of Ag/MnO2-n. It had observed that Ag/MnO2-r could achieve complete oxidation of HCHO at 80 °C, due to the low-temperature reducibility and abundant surface active oxygen. Meanwhile, the Ag/MnO2-r catalyst exhibited good stability.


Formaldehyde Catalytic oxidation Ag Morphology MnO2 



This work was sponsored financially by the postgraduate’ Innovative Entrepreneurial Training Program of Xi’an Shiyou University (Nos. YCS18111006 and YCS18211014) and the college student’ Innovative Entrepreneurial Training Program of nation (201810705017), the Science & Technology Plan Project of Xi’an City (No. 2017081CG/RC044 (XASY006)), Young Talent fund of University Association for Science and Technology in Shaanxi (20180604) and the National Nature Science Foundation of China (No. 21606177).


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  2. 2.Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Technology Institute Co., LtdXi’anChina

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