Sustainable Process for the Synthesis of Value-Added Products Using Glycerol as a Useful Raw Material

  • Young Chul Kim
  • Dong Ju MoonEmail author


The growth of the production of biodiesel has led to an overproduction of crude glycerol as a by-product. In order to secure the competitiveness of the biodiesel industry, the utilization of crude glycerol is emerging as a new and challenging research field. This review paper summarizes the glycerol conversion technology published by our laboratory for the production of value-added chemicals, in four categories: (1) glycerol steam reforming for hydrogen production; (2) glycerol hydrogenolysis into 1, 2-propanediol; (3) glycerol dehydration for acrolein production; and (4) glycerolysis of urea for glycerol carbonate production. We consider that the suggested catalysts are desirable candidates for the production of each chemical from glycerol. Further studies of the demonstration of pilot plant and process optimization are needed for commercial applications.


Glycerol Steam reforming Hydrogenolysis Dehydration of glycerol Glycerolysis 



The authors gratefully acknowledge all of their co-workers for their valuable research contributions that are summarized in the present review. Also, the authors are grateful for the financial support (Grant No. 2E28340) from the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), and the data integration support of Ms. Nasim Ghaffari Saeidabad.


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  2. 2.Clean Energy Research CenterKorea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)SeoulRepublic of Korea

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