Construction of Class I Aldolases-like Carboxyl-Controlled-Graphene Oxide Supported 3-Aminopropyl-triethoxysilane Heterogeneous Catalysts for Aldol Reaction

  • Rong ZengEmail author
  • Jiachen Liu
  • Shunmin DingEmail author
  • Ling Sun
  • Ling Wu
  • Lvxin Cao
  • Jiaxiang Qiu


Designing catalysts that achieve the rates and selectivities of natural enzymes is a long-standing goal in synthetic chemistry. Herein, the carboxyl-controlled-graphene oxide supported 3-aminopropyl-triethoxysilane (GOn-APTS) heterogeneous catalyts like the class I aldolases with –NH2 and phenolic –OH groups were developed and applied in aldol reaction. The results demonstrate that the amount of –NH2 groups and phenolic –OH groups play important roles of activity and selectivity, respectively. The most efficiency catalyst GO8-APTS shows an excellent conversion of over 90% with a high aldol product selectivity of about 89%. Furthermore, the catalyst can be easily recovered and reused at least 5 times without significant loss of the reactivity.

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Carboxyl-controlled-graphene oxide 3-Aminopropyl-triethoxysilane Class I aldolases Aldol reaction 



This research was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Nos. 21663016 and 21561020), the Key Laboratory Foundation of Jiangxi Province for Environment and Energy Catalysis (No. 20181BCD40004), the project of East China University of Technology of experimental technology research and development (No. DHSYKF-2019-024), the Opening Project of Jiangxi Province Key Laboratory of Polymer Micro/Nano Manufacturing and Devices (No. PMND201906) and the research project on teaching reform of degree and graduate education of Jiangxi Province (No. JXYJG-2018-007).

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  1. 1.Jiangxi Province Key Laboratory of Polymer Micro/Nano Manufacturing and Devices, School of Chemistry, Biology and Materials ScienceEast China University of TechnologyNanchangPeople’s Republic of China
  2. 2.Key Laboratory of Jiangxi Province for Environment and Energy Catalysis, College of ChemistryNanchang UniversityNanchangPeople’s Republic of China

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