Pr-doped Modified Fe–Mn/TiO2 Catalysts with a High Activity and SO2 Tolerance for NH3-SCR at Low-Temperature

  • Xinxin Hou
  • Hongping ChenEmail author
  • Yinghua LiangEmail author
  • Xu Yang
  • Yonglin Wei


Pr-modified Fe–Mn/TiO2 (x Pr) catalysts with high activity and excellent SO2 resistance were prepared and used for the selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3 (NH3-SCR) at low-temperatures. Pr can inhibit FeOx and MnOx crystallization and stabilize the high valence states of Fe and Mn, maintaining the catalyst’s high activity and stability at low temperatures. Doping with Pr diminished the ammonium sulfate deposition and alleviated the sulfation, improving the catalysts’ sulfur resistance.

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Fe–Mn/TiO2 catalyst NH3-SCR Low temperature Pr modification SO2 resistance 



This work was supported by Foundation of Hebei (in China) Education Department (ZD2015116) and Foundation of Hebei Province of China (B2017209111).

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We declare that we do not have any commercial or associative interest that represents a conflict of interest in connection with the work submitted.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.College of Chemical EngineeringNorth China University of Science and TechnologyTangshanChina
  2. 2.Coal Chemical Engineering Technology Research Center of Hebei ProvinceTangshanChina

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