Fabrication of Magnetic CLEA-protease Nanocomposite: High Progression in Biotechnology and Protein Waste Management

  • Mohammad Hashemabadi
  • Arastoo Badoei-DalfardEmail author


Magnetic nanocomposite opens ample opportunities for large scale application in industrial biocatalyst market. In this study, we isolated a high potent protease producing Bacillus cereus from several slaughterhouse wastes located in Kerman province, Iran. Results showed that, it was an organic solvent tolerant, thermophile protease which showed 20% increase in protease stability in the presence of n-hexane. It was active in a wide range of pHs and temperatures. A magnetic CLEA-protease nanocomposite (mCLEA-P-NC) was constructed successfully which confirmed by SEM and FTIR analysis. mCLEA-P-NC displayed Km value 4.6 folds lower than free enzyme. Biotechnological applications showed nearly 44% of proteins which obtained from waste water of local yogurt were degraded by mCLEA-P-NC. In addition, it showed high potential in silver recovery and de-haring process. A simple mechanic system was manifested to use mCLEA-P-NC in washing performance. These results indicated high potential of this protease nanocomposite in biotechnological application especially in recycling of waste proteins and washing performance.

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Protease Bacillus cereus Immobilization Nanocomposite 



The authors express their gratitude to the Research Council of the Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Kerman (Iran) for financial support during this project.

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  1. 1.Department of Biology, Faculty of SciencesShahid Bahonar University of KermanKermanIran

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