High-Yield Biocatalysis of Baicalein 7-O-β-d-Glucuronide to Baicalein Using Soluble Helix pomatia-Derived β-Glucuronidase in a Chemically Defined Acidic Medium

  • Cahit MuderrisogluEmail author
  • Ozlem Yesil-CeliktasEmail author


Baicalein, showing stronger pharmacological activity, can be obtained by removal of the distal glucuronic acid (GluA) from baicalein 7-O-β-D-glucuronide (baicalin). In the present study, a chemically defined reaction medium comprised of mildly acidic (pH 4.5, 37 °C) aqueous solution, was formulated for biotransformation of baicalin to baicalein using acidic Helix pomatia derived beta-glucuronidase (HP-GUS), an untested biocatalyst source. The biotransformation was carried out as a batchwise process within an optimised reaction cocktail (with 5% dimethylformamide, v/v) by a 4-h HP-GUS (250 unit/ml) incubation of baicalin (60 ppm) and resulted in a promising conversion ratio of 99% without any by-product formation. The formulated reaction system may offer a novel and efficient alternative for bioproduction of baicalein, which can be vital for pharmaceutical applications.

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Biotransformation Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi Baicalin Baicalein β-Glucuronidase 



The financial support provided by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK, 113M050) is highly appreciated. Special thanks to Dr Ismail Hakki Akgun from Ege University Bioengineering Department for his guidance as to UPLC analysis of the reaction samples.

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