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, Volume 148, Issue 12, pp 3678–3684 | Cite as

One-Pot Preparation of d-Amino Acids Through Biocatalytic Deracemization Using Alanine Dehydrogenase and ω-Transaminase

  • Sang-Woo Han
  • Jong-Shik ShinEmail author


d-Amino acids are pharmaceutically important building blocks, leading to a great deal of research efforts to develop cost-effective synthetic methods. Preparation of d-amino acids by deracemization has been conceptually attractive owing to facile synthesis of racemic amino acids by Strecker synthesis. Here, we demonstrated biocatalytic deracemization of aliphatic amino acids into d-enantiomers by running cascade reactions; (1) stereoinversion of l-amino acid to a d-form by amino acid dehydrogenase and ω-transaminase and (2) regeneration of NAD+ by NADH oxidase. Under the cascade reaction conditions containing 100 mM isopropylamine and 1 mM NAD+, complete deracemization of 100 mM dl-alanine was achieved after 24 h with 95% reaction yield of d-alanine (> 99% eeD, 52% isolation yield).

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Cascade reaction Deracemization d-Amino acids Alanine dehydrogenase ω-Transaminase 



This work was funded by the National Research Foundation of Korea under the Basic Science Research Program (2016R1A2B400840). We thank Mrs Sae-Rom Park for technical assistance in the cloning of NOX.

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  1. 1.Department of BiotechnologyYonsei UniversitySeoulSouth Korea

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