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Tissue and blood establishments: the demise of mad hatters in a decade

  • Michael A. CoxEmail author
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The EU Directives for human tissues and cells (Directive 2004/23/EC) and for blood and blood components (Directive 2002/98/EC, with their related Directives), promotes the principle to minimise or remove potential sources of contamination (e.g. foreign particles, microorganisms, processing agents). Under this framework, mercury thermometers are of interest; as these devices present potential hazards through their use in preparation processes (for the verification of temperature criteria) or temperature monitoring systems (for the preservation of materials and reagents). This article outlines the potential hazards of mercury thermometers, the current available alternatives and the initiatives for the decline of mercury usage.


Thermometers Mercury Contamination Growth inhibition Environment risk Medical device Internal audits Health and safety 


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