Cybernetics and Systems Analysis

, Volume 55, Issue 6, pp 943–948 | Cite as

Fragmentary Structures in a Two-Dimensional Strip Packing Problem

  • I. V. KozinEmail author
  • S. E. Batovskyi


The general problem of two-dimensional packing in a semi-bounded strip is considered. It is shown that the problem can be considered as an optimization problem on a fragmentary structure and is reduced to the problem of combinatorial optimization on a set of permutations. A universal approach to representing two-dimensional figures and an algorithm for packing them in a strip are considered. An approach to modifying the original problem to attain an optimal solution is proposed.


discrete optimization fragmentary structure two-dimensional strip packing evolutionary algorithm 


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  1. 1.Zaporizhzhya National UniversityZaporozhyeUkraine

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