Calculation of Emulsion Separation Process in a Batch-Operated Centrifuge

  • E. V. SemenovEmail author
  • A. A. Slavyanskii

An algorithm for quantitative analysis of the process of separation of a substance in a batch-operated centrifuge is developed based on the scientific postulates of the theory of interpermeating and interacting heterogeneous fluid systems (by the example of water-oil emulsion). The results of analytical and numerical investigations of the process of separation of the oil phase from the water-oil emulsion are presented.


two-phase fluid system water oil centrifuge separation 


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  1. 1.K. G. Razumovskii Moscow State University of Technology and Management (First Cossack University) (Moskovskii Gosudarstvennyi Universitet Tekhnologii i Upravleniya im. K. G. Razumovskogo − Pervyi Kazachii Universitet)MoscowRussia

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