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Evaluation of left atrial volume and function by real time three-dimensional echocardiography in anemic patients without overt heart disease before and after anemia correction

  • Seçkin DereliEmail author
  • Adil Bayramoğlu
  • Nurtaç Özer
  • Sinan Cerşit
  • Ahmet Kaya
  • Muhammet Özbilen
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There are few data on the effects of low hemoglobine levels on the left atrium (LA) in anemic patients. Our aim was to evaluate left atrial (LA) volume and functions in anemic patients using real time three-dimensional echocardiography (RT3DE) and also to investigate changes in variables of LA after the correction of anemia. In total, 55 iron-deficiency anemia patients without traditional cardiovascular (CV) risk factors and 30 age- and gender-matched controls were studied. Assessments included history, physical examination and echocardiography. Of the 55 patients with anemia enrolled, 50 (39 females and 11 males 40.3 years) were followed and underwent echocardiography after correction of the anemia. LA maximum volume (LAVmax), LA minimal volume (LAVmin), LAVmax index (LAVI), before atrial contraction volume (LAVpreA), LA total emptying fraction, LA active emptying volume were higher in anemic patients. LA passive emptying fraction was significantly lower in anemic patients. Following correction of anemia, LA volume and function parameters were observed to be significantly reduced. Moreover, significant increase was noted in LA passive emptying fraction. Correlation analysis was performed and a significant negative correlation was noted between the percentage change in hemoglobin level and percentage change in LAVI (r = − 0.382, p = 0.003). It was shown that volume and functions of LA are impaired in anemic patients. However impaired parameters were improved after correction of anemia. It may be thought that RT3DE LA parameters can be used as an important preclinical marker of disease pathogenesis before developing heart failure or atrial arrhythmia.


Left atrium Left atrial volume and function Three dimensional transthoracic echocardiography Diastolic dysfunction 



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