Prospects of Base Oil Production by GTL Technology in Russia

  • M. Kb. SosnaEmail author
  • I. A. Goltibeva
  • A. A. Kononenko
  • V A. Zaichenko
  • I. N. Grishina
  • E. V Korolev

The article discusses the potentials of production of base oils in Russia by GTL technology. The quality of the base oils produced currently in Russian enterprises are analyzed. The possibility of producing base oils by the GTL process, taking account of the analysis of data on synthesis gas production by various conversion methods and the experience of application of GM process in foreign enterprises, is discussed. The experience of using different types of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis reactors is analyzed and, based on the obtained data, recommendations are offered for their use in Russia.


base oils GTL process synthesis gas Fischer-Tropsch synthesis reactors synthetic oils 


This work was carried out with the financial support of the Federal Government though the Ministly of Education and Science of Russia (Unique identifier of works (project) RFMEFI57717X0252, Agreement No. 14.577.21.0252).


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  • M. Kb. Sosna
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  • I. A. Goltibeva
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  • A. A. Kononenko
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  • V A. Zaichenko
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  • I. N. Grishina
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  • E. V Korolev
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  1. 1.I. M. Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and GasMoscowRussia

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