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OSS through Java — a standards-based approach to integration

  • J. Hardwicke
  • B. Naughton
  • P. E. Holmes


Designing application programming interfaces (APIs) for reuse is a balance between making an API easy to use while ensuring that it is generic enough to support a range of client requirements. This is easier to achieve in theory than practice, requiring in-depth knowledge of the business domain and implementation technology.

The OSS through Java™ (OSS/J™) Initiative comprises equipment vendors, independent software vendors (ISVs) and system integrators (SIs) that are producing a practical set of Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE™) based APIs designed to support the business and technology goals of a telecommunications service provider.

This paper overviews the work of the OSS/J Initiative and evaluates the likelihood of it being adopted and reused as the standard practice for operational support systems interfaces.


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  • J. Hardwicke
  • B. Naughton
  • P. E. Holmes

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