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Dental and periodontal manifestations of glycogen storage diseases: a case series of 60 patients

  • Martin Biosse DuplanEmail author
  • Aurélie Hubert
  • Elvire Le Norcy
  • Alice Louzoun
  • Ariane Perry
  • Catherine Chaussain
  • Philippe Labrune
Glycogen Storage Disease


Glycogen storage diseases (GSDs) are rare genetic disorders of glycogen metabolism where the liver, kidneys, respiratory and cardiac muscles, as well as the immune and skeletal systems can be affected. Oral manifestations can also be present, but the specificity and frequency of these manifestations in the different forms of GSD are unknown. Analysis of a case series of 60 patients presenting four types of GSD (Ia, Ib, III, and IX) showed that the different types of GSDs have common and specific oral manifestations. In none of the GSD types studied, the prevalence of caries was higher than in the general population, especially in patients benefiting from current nutritional therapy, while in all GSD types the prevalence of delayed tooth eruption, agenesis, and tooth shape abnormalities was increased compared to the general population. Severe periodontitis prevalence was increased in patients with GSD Ib and neutropenia. Our results show that GSDs have oral manifestations and suggest some specificity depending on the type of GSDs.


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Written informed consent (and assent form when the child was less than 18 years) was obtained prior to enrolment in this study.

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  1. 1.Service de Médecine Bucco-DentaireHôpital Bretonneau, HUPNVS, AP-HPParisFrance
  2. 2.UFR OdontologieUniversité Paris DescartesParisFrance
  3. 3.Centre de Référence des Maladies Héréditaires du Métabolisme HépatiqueHôpital Antoine Béclère, HUPS, AP-HPClamartFrance
  4. 4.Service de PédiatrieHôpital Antoine Béclère, HUPS, AP-HPClamartFrance
  5. 5.Université Paris SudOrsayFrance

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