Functional Activity of Lymphocytes of Healthy Donors and Cancer Patients After Culturing with IL-2 and IL-15

  • Yu. V. Gel’mEmail author
  • E. G. Kuz’mina
  • E. V. Abakushina

The study focused on activation of lymphocytes derived from healthy donors and cancer patients in the medium supplemented with IL-2 and IL-15 at low concentrations. We studied morphological features of cultured cells, their viability, and proliferative and functional activities during culturing for up to 14 days. In comparison with lymphocytes derived from cancer patients, white blood cells derived from healthy donors demonstrated a number of advantages under the given culturing conditions such as higher viability, greater proliferative activity, and the potency for earlier activation; moreover, during activation they secreted the anti-inflammatory cytokines IL-4 and IL-10 at greater concentrations.

Key Words

in vitro lymphocyte activation IL-2 IL-15 lymphocyte functional activity adoptive immunotherapy 


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  • Yu. V. Gel’m
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    Email author
  • E. G. Kuz’mina
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  • E. V. Abakushina
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  1. 1.A.F. Tsyb Medical Radiological Research Center, Affiliated Branch of the National Medical Research Radiological CenterMinistry of Health of the Russian FederationObninskRussia

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