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Influence of Rheological Characteristics of Concrete on the Stress-Strain State of NPP Containment

  • V. N. Medvedev
  • M. I. SkorikovaEmail author

A comparative analysis is presented of the influence of the rheological characteristics of concrete on the stress strain state of NPP containment shells. It is based on creep and shrinkage tests performed on concrete, field observations, and calculations of the strains and stresses engendered in the reinforcement and concrete by the shrinkage and creep of concrete. The results showed discrepancies in the obtained data. For this reason, it is recommended that field data and detailed working models, in which the cross-section parameter and the pitch of the reinforcement rods correspond to the nominal values, be used in evaluating the stress-strain state of NPP containment under operational and accidental loads.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Nuclear Safety InstituteRussian Academy of Sciences (IBRAE RAS)MoscowRussia

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