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Study of two-stage coronal jet associated with a C1.4 class solar flare

  • R. SolankiEmail author
  • A. K. Srivastava
  • B. N. Dwivedi
Original Article


We study an active region coronal jet that evolved from southward of a major sunspot of NOAA AR12178 on 04 October 2014. This jet is associated with an onset of the GOES C1.4 flare. We use SDO/AIA, SDO/HMI, GONG \(H\upalpha\) and GOES data for analysing the observed event. We term this jet as a two-stage confined eruption of the plasma. In the first stage, some plasma erupts above the compact flaring region. In the second stage, this eruptive jet plasma and associated magnetic field lines interact with another set of distinct magnetic field lines present in its south-east direction. This creates an X-point region, where the second stage of the jet eruption is deflected above it on a curvilinear path into overlying corona. The lower part of the jet is followed by a cool surge eruption, which is visible only in \(H{\upalpha}\) emissions. The magnetic flux cancellation at the footpoint causes the triggering of C-class flare eruption. This flare energy release further triggers first stage of the coronal jet eruption. The second stage of the jet eruption is a consequence of an interaction of two distinct sets of magnetic field lines in the overlying corona. The first stage of the coronal jet and co-spatial but lagging cool surge may have common origin due to the reconnection generated heating pulses. This complex evolution of the coronal jet involves flare heating induced first stage plasma eruption, guiding of jet’s material above a junction of two distinct sets of field lines in the corona, and intra-relationship with cool surge. In effect, it imposes rigid constraints on the existing jet models.


Sun: coronal jet Sun: sunspot Sun: active region Sun: flare Sun: solar surge 



We acknowledge the space-borne instruments AIA, HMI onboard SDO for the data used in the present work. We acknowledge the Global Oscillation Network Group (GONG) Program, managed by the National Solar Observatory (NSO) for the \(H{\upalpha}\) data. R.S. thanks the Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) for providing her a research scholar grant and other facilities. We thank the referee for his/her constructive comments.


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