Nonlinear model to study filamentation instability of circularly polarized dispersive Alfvén waves in solar wind plasmas

  • Swati SharmaEmail author
  • R. P. Sharma
  • M. K. Mishra
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This paper examines the small-scale solar wind turbulence driven in view of the Alfvén waves subjected to ponderomotive nonlinearity. Filamentation instability is known to take place for the case of dispersive Alfvén wave (DAW) propagating parallel to the ambient magnetic field. The ponderomotive force associated with DAW is responsible for wave localization and these webs of filaments become more intense and irregular as one proceeds along the spatial domain. The ponderomotive force associated with pump changes with pump parameters giving rise to different evolution patterns. This paper studies in detail the nonlinear evolution of filamentation instability introduced by dispersive Alfven waves (DAWs) which becomes dispersive on account of the finite frequency of DAW i.e., pump frequency is comparable to the ion cyclotron frequency. We have explicitly obtained the perturbation dynamics and then examined the impact of pump magnitude on the driven magnetic turbulence using numerical simulation. The results show steepening at small scales with increasing pump amplitude. The compressibility associated with acoustic fluctuations may explain the variation in spectral scaling of solar wind turbulence as observed by Alexandrova et al. (Astrophys. J. 674:1157, 2008).


Nonlinear phenomena Turbulence Solar wind Dispersive Alfvén wave 



This work is supported by Scientific Engineering Research Board (SERB), India, grant number PDF/2016/004070. Department of Science and Technology (DST), ISRO.


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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsUniversity of RajasthanJaipurIndia
  2. 2.Centre for Energy StudiesIndian Institute of TechnologyDelhiIndia

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