Radiative capture of proton by \(^{12}\mathrm{C}\) at low energy

  • Bakhadir Fayzullaevich Irgaziev
  • Jameel-Un Nabi
  • Abdul KabirEmail author
Original Article


Within the framework of potential cluster model, astrophysical S-factor of radiative capture reaction \(^{12}\mathrm{C} (\mathrm{p},\gamma)^{13}\mathrm{N}\) has been calculated in the two body cluster model for the energy range 0–1 MeV. The nuclear interaction in the initial and final states is described by the Woods–Saxon potential. The calculated astrophysical S-factor and rates are compared with known experimental results.


Elastic scattering Phase-shift Potential cluster model Astrophysical S-factor Rate of radiative capture 



J.-U. Nabi would like to acknowledge the support of the Higher Education Commission Pakistan through project 5557/KPK/NRPU/R&D/HEC/2016 and Pakistan Science Foundation through project PSF-TU-BITAK/KP-GIKI (02).


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  1. 1.Faculty of Engineering SciencesGIK Institute of Engineering Sciences and TechnologyTopiPakistan

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