Contextualizing Use of Sexual Media: Just the First Step

  • David J. Ley

Understanding the varied discrepant reports for effects, both harms and benefits, of sexual media is the goal of the Target Article by Leonhardt, Spencer, Butler, and Theobald (2018). Leonhardt et al. acknowledge that research on the effects of consumption of sexual media, or pornography, is a hodge–podge of results, showing different outcomes across varied research studies. Leonhardt et al. suggested that a contextual framework is necessary, in order to reconcile and better conceptualize these effects. Leonhardt et al. outline a model for examining the effects of pornography consumption by distinguishing short-term versus the long-term quality of sexuality. Short-term quality is best characterized by the physical and sensual experiences of the sexual behavior, such as arousal, openness, and technique. Long-term sexual quality appears driven by a prioritization of relational qualities, including intimacy and communication.

Leonhardt et al. (2018) further suggested that in order to...



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