Impact of icing with potato, sweet potato, sugar beet, and red beet peel extract on the sensory, chemical, and microbiological changes of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) fillets stored at (3 ± 1 °C)

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The potential use of vegetable peels (potato, sweet potato, sugar beet, and red beet) as source of antioxidants was investigated. The sensory, chemical, and microbiological effects of icing with these peel extracts on rainbow trout fillets were monitored during 25 days of storage. Sensory results showed that the shelf life of the control group and fish fillets iced with red beet and sweet potato peel extracts were 21 days, while fish fillets iced with potato and sugar beet peel extracts had longer shelf life (25 days). Treatment of fish with potato and red beet peel extracts resulted in lower TVB-N, PV, and FFA values. The result of the study showed that icing with potato and red beet extracts increased the shelf life of rainbow trout and provided good quality parameters. Waste products as vegetable peels can be used in the food sector as new sources of antioxidants.

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  • Potato
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