J. T. Trushenski: Understanding aquaculture

5M Publishing, Sheffield, 2019, VI + 269pp., £45 (hardback), ISBN: 978-1-789-18011-4
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Jesse Trushenski, the author of Understanding aquaculture, was involved in aquaculture research and teaching at colleges and universities for several years before joining the private aquaculture sector. Her background and experience make her well suited to write a book that looks at controversial issues and questions relating to the production of farmed aquatic animals. Understanding aquacultureis not a textbook for college and university students taking degree programmes in animal science, fisheries and aquaculture or aquatic biosciences; the coverage is too narrow and selective to meet the needs required of a textbook. On the other hand, the book can serve as a source of supplementary reading, and several of the chapters might be used as background for student seminars and colloquia. As indicated in the cover notes, the book will also find a niche as reading for aquaculture practitioners and stakeholders looking for information about a range of controversial issues that are of...


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