Aquatic Geochemistry

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Acknowledgement to Reviewers 2018


The goal of Aquatic Geochemistry is to communicate research in a clear, accurate, and complete manner that is easy to read. To accomplish our goal, we rely on the evaluations of our reviewers, who are requested to review the data, and the authors’ interpretations of that data as well as the authors’ writing style for clarity. These time-consuming efforts are greatly appreciated, and we acknowledge the contributions of the following individuals in 2018:

Pierre Agrinier

Thierry Allard

Eero Asmala

Maurizio Barbieri

Rebecca Barnes

Marie Boye

David Burdige

Xinming Chen

Hannes Claes

Sarah Coffinet

Melanie Davranche

Sylvie Derenne

Mohammed Elgettafi

Claude Fortin

Christian France-Lanord

Michał Gradziński

Yan Hao

Elizabeth M. Herndon

Jonathan Icenhower

Tjaša Kanduč

Regina Krachler

Rama Krishnamurthy

Michael Kumke

Abraham Lerman

George Luther

Maria Clara Ferreira Magalhães

Xumei Mao

William Meredith

Broder Merkel

Peter Möller

Christophe Monnin

David Naftz

Oleg Pokrovsky

Olivier Radakovitch

Pamela Reid

J. Donald Rimstidt

Andrew Rose

Xiaoyi Shi

Premeds Singh

Annelie Skoog

Heng Sokchhay

Heinz Surbeck

Mahmoud Abdel Wahed

Frank Wenzhöfer

Tao Wu

Mustafa Yucel

Fangfu Zhang


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