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Ticks in the Lion City: a preliminary review of the tick fauna of Singapore

  • Mackenzie L. KwakEmail author


To this day, the tick fauna of Singapore remains poorly known. Although several studies of select species have been undertaken within Singapore, much of the information regarding Singaporean ticks is fragmentary. To facilitate future study of this group, the scattered information on Singaporean ticks is synthesised in the present work and includes a preliminary checklist of species reported to occur in Singapore, which comprised 14 species in 5 genera, with confirmed records of Argas pusillus, Amblyomma nitidum, Amblyomma varanense, Haemaphysalis doenitzi, Haemaphysalis nadchatrami, Haemaphysalis semermis, Ixodes granulatus, Rhipicephalus microplus, and Rhipicephalus sanguineus, and unconfirmed reports of Amblyomma cordiferum, Amblyomma geoemydae, Amblyomma helvolum, Amblyomma javanense and Amblyomma testudinarium.


Vector Zoonotic Biodiversity Tick-borne disease Ixodidae Argasidae 


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