Extracting a \(\Sigma \)-Mal’tsev (\(\Sigma \)-Protomodular) Structure from a Mal’tsev (Protomodular) Subcategory

  • Dominique BournEmail author


We give conditions on an inclusion \({\mathbb {C}}\hookrightarrow {\mathbb {D}}\) where \({\mathbb {C}}\) is a Mal’tsev (resp. protomodular) subcategory in order to produce on \({\mathbb {D}}\) a partial \(\Sigma \)-Mal’tsev (resp. \(\Sigma \)-protomodular) structure.


Reflections and reg-epi reflections Mal’tsev varieties and categories Protomodular varieties and categories Associated partial structures 

Mathematics Subject Classification

08B05 08C05 18A20 18A32 18C05 18E10 20Jxx 


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  1. 1.Laboratoire de Mathématiques Pures et AppliquéesUniversité du LittoralCalaisFrance

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