Applied Mathematics and Mechanics

, Volume 39, Issue 10, pp 1385–1410 | Cite as

Stability of triple diffusive convection in a viscoelastic fluid-saturated porous layer

  • K. R. Raghunatha
  • I. S. ShivakumaraEmail author


The triple diffusive convection in an Oldroyd-B fluid-saturated porous layer is investigated by performing linear and weakly nonlinear stability analyses. The condition for the onset of stationary and oscillatory is derived analytically. Contrary to the observed phenomenon in Newtonian fluids, the presence of viscoelasticity of the fluid is to degenerate the quasiperiodic bifurcation from the steady quiescent state. Under certain conditions, it is found that disconnected closed convex oscillatory neutral curves occur, indicating the requirement of three critical values of the thermal Darcy-Rayleigh number to identify the linear instability criteria instead of the usual single value, which is a novel result enunciated from the present study for an Oldroyd-B fluid saturating a porous medium. The similarities and differences of linear instability characteristics of Oldroyd-B, Maxwell, and Newtonian fluids are also highlighted. The stability of oscillatory finite amplitude convection is discussed by deriving a cubic Landau equation, and the convective heat and mass transfer are analyzed for different values of physical parameters.

Key words

Oldroyd-B fluid bifurcation instability perturbation method nonlinear stability heat and mass transfer 




depth of the porous layer


gravitational acceleration


permeability of the porous medium


unit vector in the vertical direction


ratio of heat capacities




Darcy-Prandtl number


velocity vector

RS i

solute Darcy-Rayleigh number of the ith-component


thermal Darcy-Rayleigh number



x, y, z

space coordinates

Greek symbols


horizontal wave number


thermal expansion coefficient

αS i

solute analogue of αT, i = 1, 2




thermal diffusivity

κS i

solute diffusivity, i = 1, 2


stress relaxation time


strain retardation time


stress relaxation parameter


strain retardation parameter


dynamic viscosity


kinematic viscosity


fluid density


growth term


ratio of diffusivities, i = 1, 2


stream function



basic state


lower boundary


upper boundary


dimensionless variable

Chinese Library Classification

O357.3 O175.8 

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification

76E06 76A10 76S05 


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The authors thank reviewers for their constructive remarks and useful suggestions, which improve the work significantly.


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  1. 1.Department of MathematicsBangalore UniversityBangaloreIndia

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