Preface: Computational biomedicine

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S.I. : Computational Biomedicine

This special issue contains papers based on the talks presented at the Third International Conference on Computational Biomedicine (CBM 2016), held on February 25–27, 2016, in Gainesville, FL, USA, as well as papers that were not presented at the conference. The primary goal of the CBM 2016 was to bring together scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and practitioners from a variety of related disciplines to exchange ideas and present original research results in the theory and applications of computational biomedicine. The conference was composed of featured symposia, plenary lectures, invited sessions, and contributed sessions.

The papers presented here are all related to areas of computational biomedicine, in particular (but not limited) to those addressing the following topics: optimization with applications, machine learning and artificial intelligence, data mining and big data, and computational neuroscience.

The survey paper “Massive datasets and machine learning for...

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