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A review on the cosine modulated filter bank studies using meta-heuristic optimization algorithms

  • Gokcen OzdemirEmail author
  • Nurhan Karaboga


There has been a significant increase in the number of designs based on optimization techniques as the usage areas of computers have increased day by day. In this paper, Cosine Modulated Filter Banks (CMFBs) using meta-heuristic optimization techniques are reviewed. The basic features of the meta-heuristic optimization algorithms which used in related studies and the purpose of these algorithms in CMFB design are explored. The paper begins with a definition of CMFBs and continues with meta-heuristic algorithms used in CMFB studies. Later, the meta-heuristic algorithms used to design the CMFBs are briefly described. Finally, it is reviewed where algorithms are used in the CMFB designs. This study aims to clarify the role of meta-heuristic algorithms in CMFB design. The main contribution of the study to the literature is not just describing meta-heuristic algorithms, the proposed methods in the literature to design the CMFB are fully described and compared.


Cosine modulated filter bank FIR filter Heuristic Optimization algorithms Hybrid optimization 


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