Maria J. Veri and Rita Liberti: Gridiron gourmet: gender and food at the football tailgate

University of Arkansas Press, Fayetteville, Arkansas, 2019, 200 pp, ISBN 978-1-68226-101-9
  • Carol J. Pierce ColferEmail author

The ‘over the top’ spectacle of men’s tailgating at football games was a key inspiration to these authors in their systematic and in-depth investigation of the phenomenon. They took to the road, observing, attending, participating in and asking about tailgating in four NFL (National Football League) stadiums and five college campuses all over the United States, from Buffalo, New York to San Francisco, California and points in between. They were particularly interested in the symbolic confluence of masculinity, football, and food (particularly large quantities of red meat); and in the change from cooking as a womanly endeavour to its growing popularity—in the context of 21st Century football games—among men.

In Chapter 1, Veri and Liberti describe the evolution of the provision of food at football games. They trace the phenomenon from its beginnings in the late 1800s through to the present day, showing the shift, in recent years, from a simple meal of cold sandwiches, fried chicken,...


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