Agriculture and Human Values

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Todd LeVasseur: Religious agrarianism and the return of place: from values to practice in sustainable agriculture

SUNY Press, Albany, New York, 2017, 270 pp, ISBN 978-1-4384-6773-3
  • Maggie NortonEmail author

Religion in the United States wields political influence associated with conservatism and values that are antithetical to agricultural and environmental sustainability. For this reason, it is easy to reject religion as an allying force in the fight for sustainable agriculture and food systems. Todd LeVasseur, a Visiting Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and Environmental and Sustainability Studies at the College of Charleston, South Carolina, challenges us to question that characterization in Religious Agrarianism and the Return of Place: From Values to Practice in Sustainable Agriculture. He stresses the importance of recognizing religion’s potential role in our climate future as we address unsustainable patterns of consumption and food choices. For those who are not religious, he opens the door to a dimension of agricultural sustainability that may otherwise be overlooked.

LeVasseur is optimistic about religion’s role in environmental policy. He cites work that supports a...



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