John Lever and Johan Fischer: Religion, regulation, consumption: globalising kosher and halal markets

Manchester University Press, Manchester, UK, 2018, 185 pp, ISBN 978-1-5261-0364-2
  • Janet SmithEmail author

John Lever and Johan Fischer’s new book, Religion, Regulation, Consumption: Globalising Kosher and Halal Markets, introduces and explores key questions about the burgeoning global halal and kosher industries. In the last 20 years, these food markets have expanded and become institutionalized with central regulating boards, produced by largescale manufacturers and distributed globally. While both kosher and halal foods are structured by religious principles the practical differences in their production and monitoring make their comparison compelling. Lever and Fischer successfully execute this comparison through a historical, empirical and political analysis of the halal and kosher food industries in two countries, the UK and Denmark. This book contributes to literature on global food markets, religious revival in the era of global capital and the anthropology of encompassment.

Prior research on the implementation of kosher and halal regulations on the food industry has found that...


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