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Building a core competency assessment program for all stakeholders: the design and building of sailing ships can inform core competency frameworks

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When educators are developing an effective and workable assessment program in graduate medical education by employing action research and stakeholder mapping to identify core competency domains and directives, the multi-stage process can be guided and informed by utilizing the story of designing, building and sea-testing sailing ships as a metaphor. However, the current challenge of physician burnout demands additional attention when formulating medical training frameworks, assessment guidelines and mentoring programs in 2020. The possibility of job-crafting is raised for consideration by designers of core competency frameworks in the health professions.

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The author recognizes the use of boat building manuals and the advice of the late William McAllister, who, after joining the Royal Canadian Navy, became a locomotive engineer and a notable detective, and in a fourth career, a certified boat builder and a good neighbour.



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  • Generic competencies
  • Competency-based assessment
  • Action research
  • Physician burnout
  • Job-crafting
  • Change management
  • Implementation
  • Post-graduate medical education